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Welcome to the Early Intervention Strategies for Success blog!

Picture of little girl smilingThis blog was developed to provide early intervention (EI) practitioners with an interactive place to share and learn practical strategies that they can use in their work with infants, toddlers, families, other caregivers, and colleagues. Through our work with Virginia’s Integrated Training Collaborative and the Partnership for People with Disabilities at Virginia Commonwealth University, we have found that practitioners are eager for very practical, real world information that links best practice with actual practice. Hopefully this blog will be a place to share knowledge and experience and learn useful tips and strategies! We invite you to follow our blog and share what you know!

While this blog focuses on strategies for EI practitioners, others who love and support young children, such as parents, child care providers, preschool teachers, and others in the 0-3 field will hopefully find this blog useful too! Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, too!

If you would like more information about EI professional development, VA’s Integrated Training Collaborative, or many other topics related to the work of early intervention, please visit the VA Early Intervention Professional Development Center site.

What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention (also called EI or Early Childhood Intervention) is a system of supports for families of infants and toddlers (ages birth through 36 months) with developmental delays and disabilities. In the US, these services are outlined under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) and currently all states operate EI programs.  Practitioners who work in EI include service coordinators, educators or special instructors, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and others. The work of early intervention focuses on supporting caregivers as they enhance the development of their children during daily interactions and routines in settings that are natural for the child and family.

For information about early intervention supports and services in Virginia, visit the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia.


Dana Childress, Early Intervention Professional Development Consultant, Partnership for People with Disabilities, provides support for the design and implementation of professional development activities for early intervention providers and administrators in Virginia. She has worked in early intervention since 1995 as an early childhood special educator, service coordinator, program supervisor, local system manager, trainer and writer. She is the co-author of the book, Family Centered Early Intervention: Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Natural Environments. She can be reached at dcchildress@vcu.edu and by phone at 804.921.5369

Cori Hill, Early Intervention Training Specialist, Partnership for People with Disabilities, provides the overall coordination and oversight for the Integrated Training Collaborative (ITC), Virginia’s Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD) project. She has worked in the field of early intervention since 1992 as an infant program director, educator and service coordinator. Cori began working on the Integrated Training Collaborative project at the Partnership in 2002. She can be reached at cfhill@vcu.edu and by phone at 540.943.6776


Deana Buck, Project Director, Integrated Training Collaborative, provides administrative support to this project. She has worked in early intervention in Virginia since 1985 at the state and local levels. She served as a Local System Manager for 15 years. She also serves as the Partnership’s Program Group Leader in Education/Early Childhood. She can be reached at dmbuck@vcu.edu and by phone at 804.827.0198


Carrie Main, eLearning Specialist, Partnership for People with Disabilities, provides support for eLearning design and development, instructional design, and technical support for content experts. She manages and provides technical assistance for the eLearning Professional Development Center for Virginia Early Intervention. Carrie has been working in the field of distance education since 2005. She can be reached at cmain@vcu.edu and by phone at 505.559.4482


Jeanne Schroeder, Technology Specialist, Partnership for People with Disabilities, provides support for webinar development and production, instructional design and layout, and provides a variety of technical expertise to support content experts and end-users. She also assists in the management of both the Early Intervention Strategies for Success blog, as well as the Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center website. She can be reached at jlschroeder2@vcu.edu and by phone at 707.338.1056


Sue Murdock, the Program Evaluator, has worked at the Partnership since 2005 and has evaluated ITC products and services since 2007.  She has over 30 years experience in conducting research and program evaluation for government, academic, and non-profit organizations.  She can be reached at murdocksj@vcu.edu and by phone at 804.827.1425.