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Are You Working with a Toddler with Multiple Disabilities?

Are you working with a very young child who has multiple disabilities? If you are looking for resources, … Continue reading

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Strategies for Rescuing a Shaky First Visit

We’ve all had that visit…the one where we knock on the door for the first time and the … Continue reading

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Detecting Visual Concerns Early – A Story & 5 Red Flags

I met Sam when he was about 16 months old. He had been enrolled in early intervention since … Continue reading

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Videos of Early Intervention in Action – Examples & Resources

Last week I wrote about strategies for using videotaping during and between EI visits.  Here are three fabulous resources … Continue reading

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Peeking into Real Life: Videotaping Routines between EI Visits

One of the interesting ideas that’s percolating around in my brain following the DEC conference is about using videotaping … Continue reading

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