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I Don’t Have Any Concerns Because She’s Perfect How She Is…What Do You Do?

You meet the family of a newborn baby girl who has just been diagnosed with Down syndrome. You ask … Continue reading

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DOs and DON’Ts – Mentoring Students in EI Programs

A new student walks into your office and sits down on the first day of her practicum. You begin your … Continue reading

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How Many Learning Opportunities Can You Spot?

Imagine that you’re on a visit and you observe this mother and child playing together with their stacking … Continue reading

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Get Him Engaged! – 5 Strategies for Engaging Toddlers with ASD

You’re on a first visit with the family of a toddler who is suspected of having an autism … Continue reading

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Do You Work With My Neighbor’s Child?…What Do You Do?

You’re on an intervention visit and the mother asks you if you also work with her neighbor’s child. She … Continue reading

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