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You’re Invited…What Do You Do?

Balloons, cake, friends…who doesn’t like a party? And how many invitations to a child’s birthday party have you … Continue reading

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To Give Homework or Not To Give Homework…

Think about this for a moment. How many people can truly say that they LOVED getting homework when … Continue reading

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You Sat in a Wet Spot Again…What Do You Do?

If you haven’t sat in a wet spot yet on a visit, the chances are very likely that … Continue reading

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Using Self Talk and Parallel Talk During a Familiar Routine to Stimulate Language

You’ve started working with a wonderful family. It’s a large, busy family of six. The child’s mother tells … Continue reading

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Third Visit in a Row and No One Answers the Door…What Do You Do?

Knock, knock…wait…knock again…check your watch…knock again…wait…leave a note because no one’s home. This is the third no-show in … Continue reading

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