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On Your Way to the Visit and the Interpreter Cancels…What Do You Do?

You are 5 minutes from the family’s home and your phone rings. The interpreter who usually meets you … Continue reading

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Using Pausing to Encourage Development: Examples from Real Visits

Examples of using pausing to encourage development are more powerful than me describing why this technique works so … Continue reading

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Safety Tips for Intervention Visits

I think safety is on everyone’s mind this week. Safety is an important issue in early intervention since we … Continue reading

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How to Get from “I just want him to walk” to a Measurable IFSP Outcome

Figuring out how to measure IFSP outcomes is always the elephant in the room when talking about writing … Continue reading

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If You Could Say One Thing To Families, What Would It Be?

One of the greatest parts about being an early interventionist is the opportunity to touch the lives of … Continue reading

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