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Parents Should NEVER Be Asked To Sign an Incomplete IFSP…Ever

Let me say it again…parents should never ever sign an incomplete IFSP. Or a blank prior notice form. Or … Continue reading

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Being Playful vs Playing with Toys…What’s the Difference?

Pick a visit, any visit. Walk in the door and…what are you most likely to see? What’s the most … Continue reading

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Baby Massage: Essential Tool for Practitioners – Part II

Baby Massage Instruction My last article discussed some of the many benefits of baby massage and how practitioners … Continue reading

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EI Research to Practice Brief #1: Provider Perspectives on Changing their Practices

The practice of early intervention (EI) is always evolving and changing as new evidence comes to light about … Continue reading

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My Top 4 Goofy Items on Developmental Assessments

Has anyone other than me struggled to get a 17 month old to “obtain toy with stick?” How … Continue reading

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