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Critter Chaos! UGH!

How many of you have ever walked into the family’s den where all the fun is going on … Continue reading

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Avoid the Shelf of Shame…USE What You Learn in Training!

We all have the “shelf of shame”…the shelf in our offices that houses the dusty collection of folders … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the “What Ifs…” Keep You From Using Routines-Based Practices!

We’re really good, in early intervention, at the “what ifs…” – especially when it comes to adopting new … Continue reading

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Strategies for Working with Children with Torticollis

What Does the Research Tell Us? Physical therapy and helmet treatment are considered the conservative strategies for positional … Continue reading

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Names are Important: Please Don’t Call Me “Mom”

The educator knocks and Malik’s mother answers the door. They introduce themselves then move out to the backyard … Continue reading

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