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EI Practitioners + Childcare Workers = Dream Team!

Most practitioners in Early Intervention are going to visit a child at a childcare facility at some point. … Continue reading

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A Book Give-Away to Celebrate our 100th Post!

Just this morning I realized that today’s post would be our 100th! That’s a big milestone for what … Continue reading

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The Focus of the Visit is Not on the Child…What Do You Do?

You’ve been working with Brenda, Emma’s mother, for several weeks now. She is a mother who, from the … Continue reading

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Put a Blog-Log on the Fire

Sitting Around the Campfire Here you are sitting around the campfire with good friends after an exhausting day….just … Continue reading

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Starting at the Beginning…How Do You Describe EI to New Families?

The phone rings and Carole answers, expecting the caller to be referring a new child to the early … Continue reading

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