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Guiding Parents during IFSP Development

Will, the service coordinator, is sensing that Malika, Jeremiah’s mother, is feeling overwhelmed after the assessment. Malika has … Continue reading

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A Parent’s Early Days in EI

Finding out your child isn’t developing typically can be inexplicably difficult.  Many of us were in a fog … Continue reading

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Beware the Hairy Eyeball…

Do you know what the hairy eyeball is?? I do because I’ve been told that I give it … Continue reading

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A Bug Infestation in the Home…What Do You Do?

Scenario #1: Each time you visit with Mehki’s family, you notice cockroaches crawling around the floor and on … Continue reading

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Toddlers Weeble, Wobble and Fall Down – When Is It Cause for Concern?

Toddlers.  They weeble, they wobble and they fall down.  A lot!  The question is really, how often is … Continue reading

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