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Your “EI Happy Thought” For the Day

You make a difference. There it is. It’s a powerful thing and one that we can easily take … Continue reading

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The Child Completely Avoids You…What Do You Do?

You’ve been seeing Max and his grandmother for 3 visits now. On each visit, Max completely avoids you. … Continue reading

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Which Activity is Really Routines-Based?

Today let’s think about what “routines-based” intervention really means. See if you can spot the similarities and differences … Continue reading

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Walking the Parent-Professional Boundary

Establishing and maintaining professional boundaries is an ongoing and important process for every early interventionist. Because interventionists work … Continue reading

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Is That Even In My Job Description?

I graduated in May 2013 from JMU with my Master’s degree in Inclusive Early Childhood Education. From the … Continue reading

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