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A Provider Offers to Babysit…What Do You Do?

We’ve written about professional boundaries several times from the perspective of how to maintain your own boundaries when … Continue reading

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Ouch! He Bit Me!

What do you say when a parent asks if she should bite her child back? That’s an easy … Continue reading

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You Are a Mandated Reporter

Do you know what that means? When you are a mandated reporter, that means that you are in … Continue reading

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EI Research to Practice Brief #4 – Participation-based Practices Result in More Engaged Children and Caregivers

Where are your practices on the traditional vs. participation-based continuum? Wherever you are on the continuum, take some … Continue reading

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What If You Didn’t PLAY with Toys on Your Next Visit?

Dustin has been collaborating with Mandy’s family for about 3 months. He typically visits with Mandy’s grandmother every … Continue reading

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