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Are Cultural Differences Truly Developmental Delays?

Miguel is 19 months old and lives with a large family that includes his parents, three older siblings, … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t Our Pediatrician Catch This Earlier??

During the assessment, the professional team members notice some soft neurological signs in Seiko’s development, such as an … Continue reading

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Look Out! – Helping Toddlers Move Beyond Throwing

Tyler is 20 months old and instead of playing with his toys or using his spoon to feed … Continue reading

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Adult Learning Principle #2: Linking New Learning to Prior Knowledge

If we think about the best way to make the biggest difference in a child’s development, it makes … Continue reading

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Top 5 List for Adopting Coaching Practices

Is this you? Are you learning about using the coaching interaction style and finding that you’re stressed by … Continue reading

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