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Can Service Coordinators Use Coaching?

Answering this question with a “Sure you can!” makes the answer sound simple, but if you’re a service … Continue reading

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Will Mason Ever Walk?

About 30 min into your first visit with Mason’s family, his father asks “Will he ever walk?” Mason … Continue reading

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2 Simple Tricks for Tiny Fisted Hands

It’s Thursday, the week’s almost over, and I bet you were just thinking…man, I sure wish I had … Continue reading

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Adult Learning Principle #1: Making Intervention Immediately Relevant

We could call this one the “what’s in it for me?” principle. We know how we are…as adults, … Continue reading

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Does Tyler Imitate or USE his Words? – Why the Answer Matters

On your first visit you ask, “Is Tyler saying any words?”  “Oh sure, Tyler has lots of words! He can say ball, … Continue reading

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