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Wait…Isn’t that Outcome TOO Specific?

Have you been sitting in an IFSP meeting and heard another team member say “Wait…isn’t that outcome too specific?” or … Continue reading

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What’s the Bottom Line Regarding Articulation in EI?!

On March 3, 2015, I was honored to present a Talk on Tuesday (ToT) webinar entitled, It’s Almost Never Apraxia: Understanding … Continue reading

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Mommy is Asleep and the Children are Alone…What Do You Do?

You arrive at the family’s home and knock on the door. After several minutes, the door slowly opens … Continue reading

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Do You Have to Be a Parent to Be a Good Early Interventionist?

On Reagan’s first visit with Cole’s family, she feels like she is “under the microscope.” Cole’s grandmother, Celia, … Continue reading

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