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What Are You Thankful For?

Okay, so after 5 years of blogging I’m finally doing the thankfulness blog post during the holiday week. I could resist no longer…no, really. This just seems like the perfect time to think about what we are grateful for with the work that we do.

Top 5 Reasons I’m Thankful for EI

Here are the top five things I’m most thankful for about early intervention:

5. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to meet and learn from so many families. I’m thankful for the gifts of compassion, persistence, and joy that they’ve shared with me along the way.

4. I’m thankful for the opportunities I have now to help others learn and grow their EI practice. I’m still meeting people and learning, but from a different perspective that challenges me and makes me grow too.

3. I’m very grateful for the early intervention my son received 11 years ago. I’m grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained as a service coordinator and an educator that helped me in my personal life, and that propels me in my professional life.

2. I’m thankful for the excitement of seeing an infant roll over for the first time, after a physical struggle with a tiny body that was just learning how to move. I’m thankful for the wonder of seeing communication “click” for a toddler who struggled to connect with others. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a parent who truly owned her child’s intervention and understood that what she did mattered more than anything I could ever do. For all of the magical milestones I’ve been lucky enough to witness, I am so grateful.

1. I’m thankful for the kindness, guidance, and support of others who have walked the EI path before me, for those who are walking it now, and for those just starting out.  I feel lucky to have stumbled into EI 20 years ago and found my place among these amazing people.

Let’s declare this a week of early intervention gratitude! Take a moment to reflect on your work…what are YOU thankful for?

Share your gratitude in the comments below!


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4 Comments to “What Are You Thankful For?”

  1. I am thankful to work in a State that truly supports early intervention and is always striving to move toward best practice. I am always learning something new…

  2. I’m thankful for a job that makes a difference. I’m grateful for being on the ground floor of difference making, playing an active role in helping families and children to grow rich with ideas, confidence, enthusiasm, and new skills. I can’t imagine a more meaningful way to spend my days.

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