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Mommy is Asleep and the Children are Alone…What Do You Do?

You arrive at the family’s home and knock on the door. After several minutes, the door slowly opens … Continue reading

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“Can You Stay a Few Extra Minutes?”…What Do You Do?

With 3 minutes left to the visit, Mikaela’s mother, Delia, asks “Can you stay a few extra minutes … Continue reading

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Liam’s Mom Asks You to Stop by the Grocery Store…What Do You Do?

This really happened to me: Before heading out the door, I received a call from a mother whom … Continue reading

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A Facebook Friend Request from A Parent…What Do You Do?

You’re sitting in your car between visits and your phone beeps. You check your email and find a … Continue reading

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She Answers the Door in Nothing but a Nightie…What Do You Do?

After knocking three times, you hear someone inside the apartment. You wait a bit, trying to decide whether to … Continue reading

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