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A Bug Infestation in the Home…What Do You Do?

Scenario #1: Each time you visit with Mehki’s family, you notice cockroaches crawling around the floor and on … Continue reading

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The Focus of the Visit is Not on the Child…What Do You Do?

You’ve been working with Brenda, Emma’s mother, for several weeks now. She is a mother who, from the … Continue reading

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The Baby Cries During Every Intervention Visit…What Do You Do?

You call Rordan’s mother for your monthly contact to check on services and ask her how things are … Continue reading

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Xavier’s Grandma Thinks He’ll Talk When He’s Ready…What Do You Do?

When you first meet Xavier’s family, you learn that he and his mother live with her parents. Xavier’s … Continue reading

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Your Instincts Tell You to Get Out of the Home…What Do You Do?

  The quick answer to this questions is – LEAVE. That should be easy but often it is … Continue reading

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