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True Confessions: Checking My Biases with Family Centered Practices

I will admit it.  When I see a friend whose toddler is rocking the paci all day every … Continue reading

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It’s How You Are… Not Just What You Do!

I wish I woke up every morning with a smile on my face, excited about another day, another … Continue reading

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DEC Recommended Practices: Assessment (Part 1)

Sofia just coordinated the worst assessment ever. With her head spinning, she takes a moment in her car … Continue reading

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The Teacher Wants You to Pull Mason Out of the Classroom…What Do You Do?

You are visiting Mason at his child care center for the first time today. When you arrive, you find … Continue reading

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Knowing your Financial “Stuff”

I have to admit…talking about financial stuff was one of the most uncomfortable parts of my job as … Continue reading

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