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Preaching to the Choir about Early Screening Resources – Spread the Word!

Meet Chris – He and his family have moved 7 times since he was born and are now staying with … Continue reading

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Coaching: It’s About More than Just Asking Questions!

Jackie receives a call from Tate’s mother, Mrs. Comer. Mrs. Comer is really frustrated because she feels like … Continue reading

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Bowlegged? Knock-knees? Oh My! – Knee Alignment in Infancy & Childhood

“Come look at his knees,” a concerned parent asked me. The toddler climbed off the couch and ran, … Continue reading

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Will Mason Ever Walk?

About 30 min into your first visit with Mason’s family, his father asks “Will he ever walk?” Mason … Continue reading

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2 Simple Tricks for Tiny Fisted Hands

It’s Thursday, the week’s almost over, and I bet you were just thinking…man, I sure wish I had … Continue reading

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