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Milestone or Modern Convenience? – Part II: What to Do When the Convenience Becomes a Hard to Break Habit

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out the first blog post in this 2-part … Continue reading

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Milestone or Modern Convenience? – Part I: Overuse of the Sippy Cup & Pacifier

Although shocking to many, the sippy cup is NOT a developmental milestone.  Nor is sucking on a pacifier, … Continue reading

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Abby’s Mother Asks Again: “Is it my fault?”

Abby has significant motor delays. Her mother asks you some version of this question during every visit: “Is it … Continue reading

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Address the Language: The Speech will Follow!

Joey is 25 months old.  He was referred to his local early intervention intake coordinator by his parents … Continue reading

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Preemie Pop Quiz & Tips

Preemie Pop Quiz Do you know the stats on prematurity? Take this pop quiz to see what you … Continue reading

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