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The Parents are Arguing…What Do You Do?

Both of Isabel’s parents are present for the visit, which offers you a golden opportunity to talk with … Continue reading

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Abby’s Mother Asks Again: “Is it my fault?”

Abby has significant motor delays. Her mother asks you some version of this question during every visit: “Is it … Continue reading

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Wait…Isn’t that Outcome TOO Specific?

Have you been sitting in an IFSP meeting and heard another team member say “Wait…isn’t that outcome too specific?” or … Continue reading

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Mommy is Asleep and the Children are Alone…What Do You Do?

You arrive at the family’s home and knock on the door. After several minutes, the door slowly opens … Continue reading

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What Makes Your Child Laugh?

If someone had asked me this question when my son was a toddler, it would have instantly made … Continue reading

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