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Topical mini-lessons provide content overview and strategies to enhance knowledge and skills related to a variety of topics that are relevant to everyday early intervention practice. Each mini-lesson begins with broad content information about the topic and narrows into sequential activities that provide opportunities for you to practice and apply what you learn. Guidance is also provided to facilitate reflection and review.

Mini-lessons include instructions for group use such as staff meetings and also for individualized instruction. Users may choose to utilize all of the materials or select specific activities to meet their needs. Links to additional resources are also provided.

Available Mini Lessons

Outcome Development Mini Lesson PDF
In the Outcome Development Mini-Lesson, you will find an overview of IFSP outcome development and five practice/application and reflection activities. Each activity is described in detail on an activity guide, and all handouts needed for the activities are also included. This mini-lesson is intended to provide practitioners with information about gathering information from families and writing individualized outcomes.

IFSP Mini Lesson PDF
In the IFSP Mini-Lesson, you will find a series of seven introduction, practice and reflection activities that will help you and your staff consider how Virginia’s IFSP form is completed. Activities address gathering information from families, writing a complete IFSP narrative, connecting the different parts of the IFSP to the outcomes that are developed, determining supports and services, and transition.

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