Adult with child at tableWhen renewing, practitioners must meet discipline-specific requirements and complete 30 hours of training over the three-year certification period in any of the following content areas related to early intervention:

  • Evidence-based practices
  • Changes in policies, procedures, and practices
  • Topics identified on the practitioner’s professional development plan; and
  • Training needed for new responsibilities

If you are a service coordinator, you must also document your completion of the Kaleidoscope training program as part of your recertification.


Chapter 12: Personnel (external site)
I&TC of VA Practice Manual
This chapter outlines practitioner qualifications, early intervention certification and recertification requirements, and responsibilities of certified practitioners in VA’s early intervention system.

Professional Development Procedures (external site)
Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia
Every certified practitioner in Virginia must have a professional development plan. Practitioners may use the Professional Development Plan found on at the link above (scroll past the forms section) or may use an alternate form provided through their agency. Completion of a Training Record (also available at the link above) is required.

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